Anonymous asked: "So Farscape looks like a pretty awesome show how highly would you recommend it?"



(edit: wait no here is a really good short list of reasons farscape is awesome)

also here is a tag spiral i went on about the lead pov character, john crichton, which a lot of farscape people on tumblr seemed to like? the tags - along with the gifset - give a fairly a good indicator of the mix of crack, genre subversion and fever dream ridiculousness that goes along with all the darkness, mysticism, identity violence/transcendence and awe-inducing love.

this is a show about a group of beings who are escaped prisoners of a kind of galactic puritan (corrupt) empire, who become family. these are people who would probably be the villains in any other narrative bc they are capable of genuine awfulness and selfishness - particularly at first - but become capable of reaching dizzying heights of love and self-sacrifice. 

it also has as its leads the secretly-terrifying, bonkers, genius John Crichton (with the secrets of the universe hidden inside his mind) and his lady lionheart Aeryn Sun, (whose arc is given equal, if not greater and more expansive depth than his own. indeed you could say while john crichton is discovering the universe and being transformed by his experiences into something stranger and more subversive than your traditional scifi leading man … allegorically speaking, aeryn sun is the universe, and she frees and uncovers more and more of herself, and her staggering capacities, while never once changing who she truly is).

here is my favourite quote about them:

Because they’re also a terrifyingly effective team. John can do pretty much anything with his commando backup—it just so happens that this commando is the love of his life. He doesn’t look so scary up close, but Aeryn? She terrifies people three times her size, and she barely has to blink at them. When forced to come up with false names for them on short notice, John doesn’t default to Romeo and Juliet or even Angel and Buffy; he tells everyone they’re called Butch and Sundance. It’s a more accurate comparison by far.” - (x)

be warned: it’s super hardcore scifi, and very much not for everyone. if you can’t handle alienscapes and really fucking alien aliens (with all the accompanying body horror/humour and strangeness that goes along with that) you probably won’t enjoy it?

anyway, it will destroy you heart and soul don’t go near it would recommend 1 gazillion out of 10

also it’s on netflix.

They are dragons, Khaleesi. They cannot be tamed. Not even by their mother.


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HAPPY 15TH BIRTHDAY FARSCAPE (19/03/1999 - 21/03/2003)

"There’s life out here, Dad. Weird, amazing, psychotic life.  And, uh, in Technicolor."